Program overview

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Motor Transport

What tasks can the system solve?

Automatic daily reports on fuel consumption and mileage. Electronic workflow — thanks to this, there is no need to collect reports on paper.

Implementation Example:

A large enterprise, 100 cars that are located in different cities. Waybills come in paper form. An accounting employee transfers data to an Excel spreadsheet for accounting and analytics. The gap in data exchange is a month.

We created a remote workstation and made it possible to fill out a waybill from a telephone and / or computer. Only daily mileage must be entered. Other data, for example, full name, make of the car, state. number, the system pulls up automatically. as soon as the driver enters the program with his username and password.

After a mandatory medical examination, doctors enter the data into the program. If the pressure readings exceed the norm, then the manager receives an automatic notification.

Thanks to the “Director’s Tool”, the monthly gap in the exchange of information was reduced, gasoline consumption decreased.

Online integration with Federal Address Information System

There is no need to request partner’s data sheet from counterparty. It is enough to start typing the name of organization in corresponding field and choose needed legal person from a drop-down list. The program will automatically bring up TIN, de facto and legal address, director’s full name and all the other data on legal person from the database of the Unified Federal System and store it in counterparty data sheet. Banking details are brought up according to the same principle as well: it is enough to start entering the name of bank or to enter its BIC.

In addition, integration with Federal Address Information System allows to verify condition of legal person online: whether it operates, liquidated or in the process of liquidation. With this opportunity, sales managers, accountants will save considerable time when adding new counterparties to the database.

Sales calculator and individual application form

The system allows to create a sales calculator, which would be individual for each organization. You can also individually modify application forms in the system. The fields in the calculator and application are formed according to your wishes. It enables managers to quickly and conveniently capture data at the first request of customer, which will be necessary for order fulfillment.

Integration with specialized production calculation programs

If you use a specialized calculation program, then there is a possibility to import calculation results when creating a working specification. In the following, this information will be used in warehousing operations on writing-down, recognition and analysis of production cost.

If you are used to calculate everything in Excel, a program, which also allows to make the most complex technological calculation, then DIRECTOR’S INSTRUMENT will allow you to import Excel-tables and use the information in further work as well.


IP-telephony in Director’s instrument system

Nowadays companies try to fix literally everything that is connected with their interaction with clients. So how can you ignore and do not control telephone conversations of specialists with your customers? Our system enables you to make calls by clicking a button in client’s data sheet (without using telephone set!). You can listen to the conversation records: yours or of employees, get full statistics on calls: who, when, how many times called and etc.

Use of interactive kiosk

An interactive kiosk is a device, which designed to automate workplace. It can be installed, for instance, in manufacturing workshop. It automates work of such specialists as lathe operator, milling machine operator, assembly fitter and others. It serves for rapid assignment receiving and for input of feedback on fulfillment as well. It is a part of unified enterprise management system.

Display of interactive kiosk is interactive (like in tablets), which gives a specialist a possibility to take assignments, tasks, orders and etc., and report on their readiness.

Quick sales

Perhaps, a lot of people have faced with situation, when all negotiations with client were successful, you reached agreement both on price and conditions, the final task is to fix all the agreements reached on paper and get to work, but!.. Formation of a contract and other documentation is such a boring and tedious procedure for you, that you simply do not want to start it. As a result, transactions may be postponed from day to day and even not be carried out at all…

Our program is going to be the salvation for such people, because documents are prepared for 3-5 minutes with its help!

Quickly fill in requisite details (and we remember that with implemented in DIRECTOR’S INSTRUMENT federal information database it can be done in “two and a half” mouse clicks), enter in special fields transaction parameters (amount, price, term) and specific conditions (if any). Voila! Contract, bill with affixed seal and facsimile signature are sent to customer’s email.

Tree view of subcontractors and suppliers

This is a highly relevant function, which allows to systematize information on multiplicity of participants of single project, to store all documents and concerning materials. Thus, you will avoid confusion with contractors and subcontractors, and will be able to reduce order. General Contractors, who can see a full picture of construction of any object with all documents circulation, especially liked this function.

Task block

It is very easy to set a task in our system:

  • choose an employee
  • set deadline
  • write the text of task

Choose how to notify an employee: via SMS or Email. Using tab “Binding” you can bind a document, business-process, client or product to the task. Using tab “Acknowledgement list” you can fill other employees in on the detail of the task.

Using tab “Check list” you can split a task by points.  Tab “Markings” is intended for segmentation. Using tab “File” you can attach a file to the task, which is relevant to this task.

Documents workflow

Coordination of documents takes place online, without unnecessary visits to the offices.

The route and the participants who will coordinate it are set for the document.

Example: you need to agree on invoices for payment. A notification is sent to the participants in the system, they agree or write in the comments that they are not satisfied. Coordination takes place from a mobile phone or any convenient device.

A similar principle works when coordinating other documents. When the document is approved by the head, a facsimile of the signature and seal appears in it.

The system allows you to quickly create documents, thanks to the saved templates. Once the created template is used further, and the data and details of the counterparty are transferred automatically from his card.

The system can be configured so that any available parameters are put in the contract. Employees will save time saved to solve more important tasks.

Reports settings

Any parameter, which can be calculated, can be displayed on the desktop of an employee, head or founder in form of report online.

With implementation of the system, you will forget that it is necessary to prepare reports: they already are online.



Get the necessary data on the warehouse or work with the warehouse, without leaving the enterprise management system.

This fully-featured warehouse module within the system includes:

  • automatic barcoding, QR coding of goods.
  • RFID tag coding
  • product photo
  • product analogs
  • setting product status
  • automatic control of the minimum balance tied to the «alarmist of the enterprise»

What is the automatic control of the minimum balance?

Upon reaching a certain limit of goods in the warehouse, an order is automatically generated to the supplier. The order form is sent by e-mail and a notice is sent to the responsible employee, logistician or supplier. If the critical balance remains longer than the permissible time, then the information appears in the «Alarmist»

Human Resources

The system has all the necessary functions for working with employees:

  • job descriptions (they do not gather dust under the table, but are in constant access for both the employee and the manager)
  • functional responsibilities of the employee.
  • payroll accounting: both time-based and piece-rate
  • accounting of premiums and shares
  • accounting of material assets for which the employee is responsible (displayed in the employee’s card)
  • personal data, for example, name, contacts, photo
  • education, work experience
  • training
  • system access levels
  • work approvals and other data

The system also stores cross-cutting information about everything that an individual employee works with. It can be contracts, business processes, tasks, periodic tasks, counterparties, events, instructions, etc.

Procurement, application for materials and further accounting

How is the supply system organized?

An employee submits a purchase request.
The application gets to work in the supply department.
Procurement is associated with the suppliers of this product, receives an invoice and sends it through the system to the accounting department.

At the same time, the manager receives a notice of approval of the purchase.
If the purchase is approved, the accounting department pays the bill and sends a request with the status of «paid» back to the supply department.

The supply is engaged in the delivery of goods. You can find out more about logistics in the system in the corresponding section.

The movements of this application with all statuses are visible to the employee who created it. This eliminates long telephone conversations.


How is the delivery organization configured in the system?

1. Enter data on cars and drivers who work with the company.

2. Cars are segmented, trucks, tonnage and cars.

3. When you need to deliver something, the supply determines the parameters of the load and brings it into the system. The system itself sends notifications to drivers.

4. The first responder receives a delivery order.

Thanks to the system, the speed of delivery is increased significantly. When the goods arrive at the warehouse, the employee who placed the order receives an automatic notification.


The system is equipped with cross-cutting search throughout all blocks and sections. In order to find information about any issue relating to the enterprise, it is enough to enter a key search word. And you will be pleasantly surprised, when everything that relates to your request will be collected in the result of search. For example, a client calls and wants to know about the order status. By typing client’s surname or name of the order in the searcher, you can immediately see that his/her order is completed by 87%


For those of your employees, who have necessary accesses, it is a piece of cake to find any contact of any specialist of all counterparties in the system. There is a possibility of blocking the download of the database of counterparties. There is a notification of manager about client’s birthday. In the system, your employees have access to the contacts of your company’s counterparties. To do this, employees are given appropriate access. Thus, you provide decent conditions for effective communication with partners and prevent leaks. There is a history of interaction with the counterparty concerning number of orders, events, contracts, reciprocal payments, tasks, related to it, deliveries.There is an opportunity to create personal accounts for regular clients in the system. It is possible to implement the whole circulation of documents, excluding mail, using personal account. For this purpose, convenient built-in official correspondence is used. This makes it easy to find any document, which was sent via personal account, regardless of its limitation and who worked with this client.

Calendar of events

No phone call, incoming mail or visitor will be missed. Using the system you can assign all incoming messages to different employees for further communication with clients.

You can schedule an event for the future, set a notification via SMS or Email, so you wouldn’t miss it. Calendar of events is a fully-featured scheduler of your working day, week, month. Imagine, if every employee in the company would have a personal secretary, who would remind about urgent matters! You can also apply calendar of events for personal use (events can be set up in a way that only you will be able to see them).


The system is integrated with leading service of email messages UniSender.

It enables you to quickly send numerous commercial offers, letter of congratulations and etc. according to the segments of clients’ database. Your mails are protected from spam-blocking. Mailings management is carried out without leaving the system.

Corporate mail

Corporate mail is built into the system, even if you have several email accounts. As the result of this, all Email correspondence is collected in one place. Emails from clients come to responsible managers directly into the system. All attachments are automatically saved in client’s data sheet. It is easy to launch a business process or to make an application from the email received from client, necessary data is automatically substituted.

Business processes automatization

We automate business processes at your enterprise. At first, study of business processes with all participants and approval by the customer take place, then we set up a business process in the system. Train employees. And a business process start operating in automatic mode, according to time-tuned control points.

One of the stages of business process may be drawing up of technological flow chart and calculation of production price of product. Detailed information about it is described in the section “Technological flow chart and calculation”.

Technological flowchart and calculation

Technological flow chart is a document describing all necessary conditions for production of product, which includes:

  • finished products
  • materials
  • instruments
  • dispensable instruments
  • operations
  • technical conditions.

Based on technological flow chart you can draw up calculation of production cost of product or project.

System set up for client

We can rewrite the names in the interface of the system to those that are customary for your company. For example, rename “Counterparties” as “Clients of our company”. It is done quickly, easily and in one place. Also, we can remove sections of the system that are not relevant in the work of a particular specialist, in order to simplify its interface. In the system, you can create your own usual document types with your fields, names, tables for habitual, but automated work of employees.


Access rights set up

Each employee enters the system using his individual login and password. The system administrator configures the access level of each employee according to staff schedule.

You can add and remove access to certain sections of the system. Access settings in the system are very flexible. You can configure the prohibition to delete even your own records related to clients, products.

Financial management

We see the financial condition of any counterparty at any time. There are notices to responsible employees on deferred payments. You can review payment history. When accounting the salaries of employees, bonuses and bonus cancellations for tasks that were not completed in time are automatically taken into account.

It is easy to maintain accounting records on administrative expenses using the system. You will able to see to whom, when, how much money was given out.

Enterprise Alarmist

At any time, seeing on the main screen a red light lamp instead of a green one, you understand that the execution of some task or business process has expired in some department. By clocking on this lamp, you can easily find department or employee, who has experienced a delay in the production process. Now you can respond quickly. The importance of Alarmist is also in the fact that every employee knows for sure that if he or she delays something in the processes of the enterprise, it will immediately become known to the management and he or she will try not to let this happen.

Internal official correspondence with binding of documents

The system provides a possibility of internal official correspondence with binding to the document under discussion. The cost of telephone calls for the branch network will be minimal. Also, if the employee is not online, you can send a notification of receiving a comment via sms or email.

IP-cameras connection

Ip-camera can be attached to any department. If you open the corresponding department in the system, you can immediately see the online broadcast from this department. With help of this function you can effectively deal with tardiness. At the beginning of working day, for example at 8:00, IP-cameras take pictures of the workspace and the photo is sent to inspector- timekeeper. An image from IP-camera can be broadcast to the client’s personal account, showing him what is happening with his order.