Universal administration system. Cooperation of all departments and services.

Create a digital office of your business gain access to features:

  • – the instant entry of a new counterparty with details through FIAS
  • – customization of the interface
  • – quick billing for payment
  • – online reports on any control points for the head
  • – individual setting of tabular and card forms for each workplace
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Your presence at each departments

  • Warehouse

    A full-fledged warehouse module inside the system. Automatic barcoding of goods. Automatic control of the minimum balance and other functions.

  • Human resources

    All the necessary functions for working with employees.

  • Logistics

    Operative search for drivers to complete the order. Saving time significantly increases the speed of deliveries.

  • Documents circulation

    Coordination of all documents in online mode without loss of time walking around the offices.

  • Motor transport

    Usage of gasoline and repair parts as intended. An individual card is created for each vehicle.

  • Supply

    All movements of the purchase requisition are available to the employee who created the requisition. Clear tracking of all statuses and approvals without unnecessary phone conversations.


Who needs and benefits the system?

Business owner

Access to control functions of the entire enterprise. All business processes of the organization in the palm of your hand. Technical and financial indicators online. The ability to quickly adjust the work of the executive director.

Executive director

Control of all stages of running business processes. Online reports from employee jobs. Convenient tools for setting and monitoring tasks. Control of the final product, on the ground, for each position.

Sales department

Once formed, a commercial offer has a direct connection with technical maps and working specifications. Quick billing for payment and entering a new counterparty with details. Sales funnel. Online reports for the manager, setting up a plan for the department and an online calendar for each employee. The choice of nomenclature for sales from the system, control over stock balances online.

Director of operations

Formation of a production plan. Observation of equipment loading schedules, technical operations for each employee. Daily tasks: planning meetings, technical maps, tasks and other data for operational production management.

Supply department

System order of all goods. Applications from employees from remote sites. Automatic formation of competitive lists by suppliers. Alignment of invoices for payment. Planning or ordering vehicles for deliveries. All these functions operate in the control system.


Reports created in the system are used automatically in any area of the company. Data is pulled up to 1C automatically. Depending on the integration settings, accountants may not work at all in the management system.


Templates for drafting contracts, memos and any other documents. Data on counterparties during the preparation of the contract are substituted automatically. If a commercial proposal for this agreement is made in the system, then the data on the subject of the agreement is also automatically filled in.


Barcode and QR coding. Setting tasks for loaders to move goods from a common unloading zone to a cellular storage area. Service notes from production for processes such as moving goods from targeted storage cells to the workshop.


Tasks and tasks according to a previously described chain of work. Possibility of remote work without loss of time for clarification of introductory questions. The previous artist files the measurements or other preliminary design information into the submitted work. Convenient checklists are used to access the full amount of information.


All necessary documentation and calendars in an individual workplace. Information about the object is stored in the system. Used tools and mechanisms are recorded in an electronic card. Accurate information on installation time and transport in the control system.

Turner, milling machine operator, locksmith

Control of incoming daily tasks and accrued wages. Communication with the master or dispatcher through an internal chat in the control system. Quick problem solving: materials not delivered on time to the post are tied to the manufactured part. Access to drawings, those maps, and attached tools on the workplace screen.


A clear schedule of trips. The route, the address of each trip and the data of the employee who ordered the car. Conveniently fill in waybills online.

Effective work of each department

Compare and feel the difference

Usual CMR
Costly implementation process
Does not bind sales and production
Effective only until the conclusion of the contract. Warehouse accounting, production, the workflow is not controlled in any way
Does not connect all departments into a single system
Unproductive communications - “Olya, do not call, write in the program!”
Regular interface
Director's Instrument
Experience in implementing the program in production
Automates production from application to quality control of the completed order
Combines warehouse and technical staff in one system
Prompt communication with any remote employee without phone calls
Customizable interface
Setting up a table and card forms for an individual workplace
What do you get by working with us?

We customize and implement the system for your enterprise, train employees by organizing seminars (general or by department)

Quick training of employees to work correctly in the program
Detailed business processes
Integration with 1C
Setting up a workplace for each user
Filling of nomenclature, customer base, suppliers, registration of employee cards
Setting up the work of branches. Isolated or open
Setting up personal accounts of regular customers

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