What are the key benefits of the system?

The Director’s Tool was created by a team that is familiar with production firsthand. Over the past 10 years, we have worked on the system based on personal experience working with our products and related processes.

Our main advantages:

flexible system customization for a specific organization

the presence of unique copyright features. For example, “Enterprise alarmist,” a quick sales unit, integration with the FIAS service, etc.

the unified management system that completely covers the needs of the enterprise

What if I have problems using the program?

Our technical support service employs highly qualified and experienced professionals. They will help to deal with any problem of integration and use of the system.

Is there a trial version of the product?

You can familiarize yourself with the trial version of the product on the Materials. page or by writing to our chatbot. The trial version is valid for 10 days and gives you full access to all the functionality of the system.

Is there integration with 1C?

There is two-way synchronization with easy transfer data and documents settings

Can I add more than one organization to the same account?

Yes, you can. You can work from several organizations at the same time.

Is there a version for PC/phone?

The system works with any portable device with a web browser and the Internet.

Can I see the actions of the employees in the system?

Yes, you can. Each employee is assigned a personal card. It displays all the actions of the employee and other necessary information.

Is my data in safety?

We guarantee the security of your data. They are transmitted using a secure connection via the https protocol.

How the work with the branches organized?

The system allows you to create many branches. The head office and branches can work in a single system. Branches can be isolated if you want to. The client base of one branch is not accessible to managers of another.

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